Dragon Writing Challenge
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Tl;dr: I'm looking for short writing prompts about dragons. Feel free to post one in the comments.

Here's how this will work:

You, whoever you are that is reading this, can, if you so desire, post a comment on this journal entry in which you will offer up a basic description of a dragon character - somewhere between a couple of sentences and a short paragraph. You can include a physical description, abilities, name, personality, hobbies and interests, setting, situation (if kept reasonably vague,) brief mention of supporting characters, or anything else you think might be interesting. Dragons can be eastern or western, traditional or unusual, calm or ferocious, reclusive or sociable, whatever you can think of that still arguably qualifies as a dragon. 

Example:Collapse )

You should NOT attempt to describe a previously existing character, for the broadest possible definition of "character". Not a published character, nor your own character or draconic persona, nor anything else like that.  Make something up. The only exception is if you're describing some kind of existing archetype - for instance, "A guardian dragon," or "A princess-kidnapping dragon who is being attacked by a knight." In fact, I encourage that sort of thing. I think it would be interesting to address a bunch of those draconic archetypes. (Well, maybe not the princess-kidnapping one. That's kind of straddling the line between "archetype" and "annoying cliche." Even the parodies of that scenario have been done to death.)

I will take the comments I get and write short pieces of fiction about those dragons - maybe a page or so. I'll make up my own plot and so forth, so expect me to deviate wildly from whatever you had in mind. I have a vague notion that I'm going to do one a day or something - thus "Challenge" - but I'm pretty busy these days, so we'll see what happens. In any case, I'll try to let you know about it if/when I use your description, whoever you are, if I can figure out how to contact you.

Finally, this account isn't exactly a bustling social hub, so if you think this sounds neat, feel free to spread the word. I'm not expecting a lot of responses (or necessarily any) but I'd love to be pleasantly surprised. The more the merrier! Complete strangers are welcome. And if this post has been sitting untouched for months, or even years, go ahead and throw in a comment anyway. Who knows, I might see it.  


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